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Open Door Christian Center

  Fulfilling Your God-Designed Destiny!

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Get To Know What ODCC Is All About...


Loving God

Loving people as God’s Family

Letting everyone know about the love of God.


Open Door Church seeks to accomplish 

specific goals that will achieve our vision.

To strengthen the family

To make disciples

To minister to the under-privileged

To raise up spiritual leaders

To establish a School Of Ministry

To reach the youth of our nation

To develop ministries in the arts

Statement Of Faith

We believe:

a. In the infallibility of the scriptures.

b. That Jesus is God's Son and the only sacrifice for sin.

c. That man must be born again to receive eternal life.

d. In the virgin birth and deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

e. That Jesus rose bodily from the dead.

f. In the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

g. In the present day working of the Holy Spirit


The values of Open Door Church consist ideals that describe who we are and what the members of Open Door Church are striving to become. Our values are:









Who We Are

Our pastor, Dressel Huston began as an assistant pastor, youth pastor, drama director, and music department director at the Mt. Gideon MB Church in 1991. He has done missionary work internationally, promoted national artist, hosted local youth radio shows, and led award winning mission projects. All of these experiences have led him to establish Open Door Christian Center, a high-energy, life-changing ministry.

Open Door Christian Center will become a place where people develop an authentic relationship with God and genuine relationships with their church family. Our worship is real, alive and passionate. It is obvious that God is present in our services; the ministry of the Word is true, challenging and encouraging. God is always speaking, convicting and changing us.

We realize that, not only does God speak to us in church services, but He also speaks to us through each other. That is why we are going to be committed to developing real, lasting relationships that God can use to challenge and encourage us in our daily lives. We will form various social and sports groups to help facilitate this purpose. We become stronger Christians and have a greater opportunity for success when a loving church family surrounds us.

“The Door” is not only place where needs are met, but it is also a place where people use their unique God-given gifts to minister to others. We help people every week discover what God created them for. Our goal is to develop and send out leaders that will influence this generation.

We are a loving community of believers that are passionate about our relationship with God and excited about sharing it with others. We want to see everyone who is a part of “The Door” fulfill their God-designed destiny

What will worship service be like?

At Open Door Christian Center we believe that God wants to have a genuine, powerful relationship with each one of us. That is why we make being passionate, contemporary and relevant a priority. You will find our services to be casual, high-energy, convicting, heart-felt, and fun. We want it to be the best part of your week!


You will find us in the lobby having donuts and coffee, and fellowshipping in a lively atmosphere.


We begin the service with about 30 minutes of powerful praise and worship. Everyone is encouraged to sing, clap, dance or lift their hands as we lift up the name of Jesus. We don’t want to just simply sing, but instead worship God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength!

The Message

After some announcements and the offering, Pastor Huston will ministers for about 40 minutes in an energetic, relevant way. He will communicate the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. His goal is to challenge and encourage everyone present to live out God’s principles in everyday life.


The service concludes with an opportunity for anyone to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives. There is also a time of prayer for people who need healing or want to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. We close, praising God in song, encouraged to do what God has called us to do.

 The service at Open Door Christian Center is one that we think will make people feel welcomed, encouraged, and challenged to live for God like never before!